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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we're seeing the end of the heat wave. >> 7 straight days of 100 degrees and we're all rested today. glad to see you. [ laughter ] >> fog at the coastline. we'll see more of that and much cooler temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i think everyone except for us is sleeping in after 4th of july yesterday. no hot spots or accidents but we have a chp-issued high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. so we'll keep you updated on the rest of your morning commute coming up. boy, do we have some news for you this morning. the bart strike is over at least for now. trains are scheduled to start running at 3:00 this afternoon. bart and 2 unions agreed to extend their old contract for 30 more days. now they have until august 4 to reach an agreement. contract talks are set to resume monday. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is already up in millbrae with details of the deal that was
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work out late last night. cate. >> reporter: good morning, brian. i'm sure a lot of people will be happy to wake up to the news that the strike is tentatively over and as you said at least for now. the details of that is that the two groups found that middle ground and decided to extend bart's old contract for 30 days. now, this will allow the trains to get back up and running while bart and the unions negotiate. so the strike is effectively done for the moment. this was a proposal suggested by the labor secretary. he approached both sides yesterday to talk to them about a tentative agreement that will allow trains to start running as soon as possible. >> i'm delighted to report that the parties have agreed to accept the recommendation of the mediators and myself to return to work and continue the collective bargaining process under the guidance of mediators for the next 30 days. >> reporter: both sides feel 30 days will be enough time to come closer with their negotiations while at the same
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time getting these trains back on track and, of course, keeping commuters happy. but brian there's nothing to say that after that 30-day period they could call for another strike but at least this will give them the time to really sit and talk without the pressure from the public. reporting live from the bart millbrae station, we'll be right back. >> cate, one thing i wanted to ask you. we are hearing from the unions that mediators haven't touched on one key sticking point in the negotiations and that's money. is that right. >> reporter: unfortunately that's right. at this point in time, it appears that the two sides are both far apart. salaries being one of the main things they can't really agree over facts and figures and, of course, that's one of the major sticking points. >> we'll see what happens. all right, cate caugiran live in millbrae, thank you. there are still several issues to be resolved in those contract talks, one of them pay. the unions want raises for workers who agreed to a wage
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freeze and other concessions four years ago. bart is asking workers to pay more for their healthcare costs. and the district wants workers to start contributing to their pensions. bart shuttle service begins in less than half hour. they will run from same stations we have been seeing for the last several days: el cerrito del norte, walnut creek, dublin-pleasanton, fremont and west oakland. these are all on a first comb first served basis. -- first come, first served basis. stay with us for coverage on the strike. find our strike survival guide with commute alternatives on a grass fire hit an east bay neighborhood. fireworks may have started the fire near a pittsburg warehouse. it destroyed 50 acres. homeowners tried to put out the fire with water hoses when the flames started burning near their homes. in egypt, fireworks lit up the sky in cairo's tahrir
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square as an interim president takes charge. at the same time thousands of supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi took to the streets calling for his return to office. the military is now moving in on his "muslim brotherhood." authorities are arresting senior figures of his party. morsi has been flown from a seaside villa to a jail in cairo. as egypt braces for violent protests today, cbs reporter tara mergener with new details on washington's response to the big change in government. reporter: mohamed morsi supporters say they will take to the streets to protest the military's decision to overthrow the egyptian president and install an interim government. they are calling it rejection friday. >> we will not share interim authority. we will participate in all peaceful people-led protests and events against this military coup. >> reporter: the egypt military says it will allow peaceful protest from morsi supporters but it is deploying soldiers to
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monitor the marches. the army has also arrested many muslims. >> very good indications of the prospect of police state in action now. >> reporter: egypt's interim press adly mansour and morsi's opponents say it wasn't a coup. >> it was a popular impeachment of the president. it didn't start by the actions of the army. it was the people. >> reporter: president obama has also been reluctant to call the change in power a "coup." that's because u.s. law mandates that all foreign aid be cut off to countries where the military's overthrown a democratically elected government. the president spent at least part of his 4th of july holiday working. he met with his national security team in the white house situation room. the white house has been in contact with egyptian leaders to express the u.s. desire to have a democratically elected civilian government in place as soon as possible.
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tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> america is sending $1.3 billion to egypt this year. the vast majority of that cash goes directly to the military. well, it's often touch and go with fireworks and low clouds at this time of year but in this case it was perfect weather for the fireworks along the waterfront in san francisco. the big show at fisherman's wharf drew huge crowds. and some of the folks were still in their cars when the fireworks went off. traffic was that bad. it wasn't any better afterwards. traffic was gridlocked as people crawled home. some of the other big fireworks celebrations are the illegal kind. this is oakland. kpix 5's joe vazquez introduces us to some of the people who are creating their own fireworks shows and explains what police are doing about it. reporter: what's this one called? [ fireworks ] >> reporter: what would you say to people who are watching this who go, hey, man, you're not supposed to do that. that's illegal. the kids could get hurt?
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that sort of thing. >> i just tell them the kids are -- fireworks! as long as they don't go in the street with me when i'm lighting it, it's all fine. >> people like this stuff, man. we right here on 84th and birch in east oakland. >> reporter: are people worried about safety, children or anything like that? >> they're worry about it but you know what? we take care of our little kids, you know. the little kids are important for us. >> reporter: right. [ fireworks ] >> reporter: all fireworks are illegal except for in a few communities in the bay area. what do you think about that? it's such a deep tradition but it's illegal. >> it depends on the fireworks. if you get explosives, m-100 0 are illegal. but if you have little fireworks show for the kids it will be fine. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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several people were injured in a fireworks accident in simi valley overnight down in ventura county. police say there were a bunch of fireworks that misfired. a bomb squad was sent in to deactivate the rest of them. this happened during a professional show and as many as 20 people were hurt some seriously. several loaded into ambulances and they were taken to hospitals. the fire happened two minutes into the show, which was stopped. spectators were then asked to leave. more bay area headlines. a number of fires burned last night across the bay area. chopper 5 was over this fire in the oakland hills. it was in joaquin miller park. no word on the cause. but fireworks are blamed for at least some of last night's fires. another one in martinez, a grass fire, sent towering flames near homes along trail view circle last night. the flames were up to 60 feet. crews kept the fire to two acres. no homes were damaged. neighbors say the kids were playing with fireworks before the fire started.
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a water main break that soaked downtown danville is repaired this morning. but they had to close several streets last night because of this break. it happened near diablo street. several businesses were flooded. the clean-up continues this morning. 4:39. lawrence, what do you think weather-wise this morning? >> i think we're finally cooling down. folks are really going to enjoy. this a nice sea breeze now. some of the winds at sfo over 30 miles per hour. so a strong sea breeze kicking in is going to drop these temperatures maybe as much as 10 to 20 degrees for today. fog and low clouds gathering along the coastline and thickening up. as we head throughout the day today. partly cloudy skies over the bay right now. temperatures colling down a little bit. 62 degrees in san jose. still pleasant there. 56 in san francisco and 60 in livermore. temperatures cooling down a little bit. by the afternoon no triple digits. in fact we're struggling to get to the low 80s inland, 83 livermore, 78 san jose. 68 degrees in san francisco. looks like cooler weather for
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the weekend, too. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. the big news today is bart is set to resume service at 3:00 this afternoon. we're not anticipating heavy traffic this morning on the bay bridge. right now everything is quiet a lot of people taking a long holiday weekend. no metering lights and no overnight roadwork including on the upper deck. let get a check of the golden gate bridge at marin county. so far, so good, extra quiet. you can see maybe a couple of headlights. they are coming towards the camera. coming up we'll get a check also of mass transit show you what's on a holiday schedule, what's on a regular weekday schedule. in the meantime, back to you guys. time now 4:40. one bay area woman hit the wrong button on the atm. how you can learn from her $8,000 mistake. >> and a secret in this sauce can cut your cancer risk. >> come on.
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>> that's what they say. coming up next.
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cameras captured 5 men stea a- million dollars worth of voa from a florida warehouse a couple weeks ago. they drove up i you hear about bank heists, jewelry heights. five men caught stealing a million dollars worth of vodka from a florida warehouse a couple of weeks ago. they drove up in a mercedes. broke through a concrete wall. they didn't set off any alarms and apparently they knew what they were after. it was that ukranian sipping vodka. that sells for $249 per bottle. part of the bottle is made of 24kt gold. a cooling trend finally. folks in the east bay are ready for a cooldown. the stronger sea breeze kicking into gear. these temperatures could drop 10 to 20 degrees all around the bay area. look at the fog and low clouds gathering along the coastline right now. we are going to see more of that throughout the day today
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as high pressure scoots eastward. that's going to allow for the stronger sea breeze and the temperatures going to be dropping off outside. over the weekend cooler too slightly below the average on saturday. hot temperatures sliding east cool air coming from the gulf of alaska is going to help to bring down the temperatures as numbers drop even in the sacramento valley. they were up to 108 the other day now down to 89. still 105 in fresno, 99 in yosemite. you will notice the low clouds and the fog around the bay kind of gathering and sticking around as we head through the afternoon. east bay temperatures where we have triple digits in many spots now. much more comfortably into the 80s there and then inside the bay you will see 60s and a few 70s. next couple of days, the
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weekend included looks like those temperatures going to be cooling off and much more comfortable, slight warming into next tuesday. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. let's talk about mass transit today. this morning, there is no bart service but it is set to resume later this afternoon. 3:00. that is the start time. muni and caltrain no delay on regular weekday service. muni will be stepping up for america's cup and along bart lines you will find some extra muni buses running. ac transit also stepping up their transbay bus service as they have been doing all week because of the bart strike. westbound 580 through the altamont pass no big delays so far this morning. looks good through the livermore valley and a quick check of the south bay where
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we're seeing top speeds through downtown san jose. we have a high wind advisory in effect. our own one out there this morning. and now to the east bay where we have a camera 880 the nimitz and no roadwork this morning. caltrans has suspended it for the bay area for the holiday. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. i don't know about crossing your ts but when making a bank deposit it's really important to dot your dots. on the consumerwatch sue kwon explains what happens when one viewer made one simple mistake. reporter: >> i was beside myself. >> reporter: mary beth allison made an error so many of us do while banking on the run at the atm. she hit the wrong decimal point when she entered her deposit information on her irs refund check taking the amount down from $8,000 to $800. >> this $8,000 what if needed that for my mortgage? >> reporter: citibank told mary beth it caught the mistake but there was a problem with the check and it could only cancel her deposit and mail the check
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back to her. >> so i came home and i look to see if there's a check in the mail and this wasn't. this has been 10 days from the time i deposit it. >> reporter: after two weeks of letters and phone calls to citibank with no check and no account credit for her $8,000 tax refund, mary beth contacted kpix 5 consumerwatch. a volunteer contacted citibank. >> we got a provisional correction, almost immediately. >> reporter: citibank put the $8,000 back into mary beth's account, a move the banking giant says was already in the works when consumerwatch contacted them. either way, mary beth is relieved to have her $8,000 back and she says from now on, she will be a lot more careful with her atm deposits. >> i don't think i would have gotten as quick of a fix as i got because kpix 5 stepped in. >> reporter: in a statement to consumerwatch, citibank says, customer service is a top priority. and regrets the mistake that was ultimately resolved. now, if you have a consumer
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problem, contact our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. the america's cup summer of race something here. a parade of boats set sail from pier 29 in san francisco. ♪[ music ] >> yesterday's opening ceremony featured performances and exhibitions from each of the 14 nations. the u.s., sweden, new zealand and italy. despite some drama involving a recent rule change over rudders the ceo says the races will go on as planned beginning with the louis vuitton cup on sunday. >> it's typical. america's cup just before the start of racing the teams are nervous an anxious and elbowing each other to basically get some sort of competitive advantage. >> it's estimated that america's cup will bring $1 billion to san francisco. >> wow. we saw pomp an parades all over the bay area to celebrate ind opinions day. watch. ♪[ music ]
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>> celebration of independence day. >> ♪ happy birthday to us >> nothing happened on the 4th of july in 1776. it traditionally became the celebration dade. alameda set a new record 192 entries by the color guard band and others. 20,000 people lined the streets to see fire trucks, cars, bands and floats of all kinds. but for one colorful character on the sidelines we wondered if he was getting enough air. >> kind of just like it's just like hide your face but you can pretty much breathe. you can see see clearly pretty well. >> alameda has within of the longest 4th of july parades in the nation. ♪[ music ] and in san jose, the bagpipe contingent got things going for the rose, white and blue parade. the two-hour long parade stretched about 2 miles long. a day-long festival is held at the end of that parade route.
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the independence day holiday weekend is a perfect time for barbecues. we have a report. >> reporter: grilled goodies could be cooking up cancer if it's at the wrong temperature. >> these extremely potent cancer-causing substances some of the most potent ever found. >> reporter: for years a team of researchers at uc-davis have been trying to figure out why meats you cook can potentially cause cancer. they look at meat as a muscle and found certain temperatures can ignite a chemical reaction inside the muscle that promotes cancer-causing carcinogens. >> these reactions take a while to get going and they need a certain temperature. they need to get over 300, 350 fahrenheit. >> reporter: dr. felton also looked for ways to prevent this internal heating in beef, chicken and pork. one answer? marinade.
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according to the american institute of cancer research, using marinade can reduce carcinogens by as much as 99%. think of marinade as an insulator. the outside of the meat cooks faster allowing the meat to heat through without reaching that 300 to 350-degree mark. also, be a nervous cook. flip your meat over and over again while you cook it. the more flipping the better. >> each time you turn it, it cools off and the meat doesn't have a chance to reach those internal temperatures. >> reporter: while you let all this marinade -- >> definitely makes me think twice about the meat i give my kids. >> grill smoke also contains cancer-causing substances. using leaner cuts of meat reduces the amount of smoke. >> i thought it would specify a specific amount of marinade. guess knows. coming up, devouring the competition. the bay area champ defends his title but how he almost lost. coming up.
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all right. baseball game tonight? the giants and the dodgers 7:15. it will be breezy and cool if you head to at&t park. >> by the time that giants game starts, bart will be up and running and here's a live look at some of our traffic cameras. everything is good to go as you cross the golden gate bridge, bay bridge, san mateo bridge. we have a high wind advisory in effect. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. a lot of people are shopping for a new car and auto dealers love it. the car industry recovery hit a new high. this week shows the strongest sales numbers since 2007. many people say the timing is just right. >> we figure we jump on the opportunity now and actually in a position where i can afford
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to buy a car. i mean, that's kind of an exciting pillar in our lives. >> now that there's a high demand, industry analysts suggest sales could get better until the end of the year. it's the biggest hot dog fight of the year. a bay area man defended his title in this great american eating event. >> from san jose, joey chestnut!! >> the pride of silicon valley. san jose's joey chestnut went for his 7th straight crown on coney island. early on it was scary. matt stoni had a brief lead but he won deny, chestnut ate 69 hot dogs, one every 10 seconds, better than his own personal record set last year of 68. >> it's hard to watch. he ate 69 hot dogs, that means chestnut gains more than half a
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pound per minute. that's a little over 20,000 calories. he had 18 days' full of the daily recommended fat intake. wawa! [ laughter ] >> it's, you know, i feel like we played that video about three weeks ago because it's so memorable. he does it once a year at this time. >> you know, it's been joey for the past several years so a little local pride. pride? it's almost scary. >> we all have our specialties. it's 4 minutes before the hour of 5:00. after the holiday weekend, san francisco dog walkers will have a new set of rules to follow. the new requirements are coming up. >> and i'm cate caugiran live in millbrae. the bart strike is over for now. but there is a catch. i'll tell you what it is when we return.
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trains to operate for passes this afternoon. the bart strike is over.
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for now. the tentative agreement that will allow bart trains to operate for passengers this afternoon. >> and where a big grass fire prompted residents to grab water hoses to protect their homes. >> finally the heat wave is over. much cooler temperatures are on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and even though bart is set to resume this afternoon, they are not running now. so we'll give you a look at alternates plus how your morning drive is shaping up so far. >> good morning, it is friday, july 5. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. frank and michelle with watching from home this morning. it is straight up 5:00. let's get a look at traffic and weather. we'll begin with a big change in the weather. lawrence? >> enough is enough with the heat. looks like finally going to snap that heat wave. much cooler temperatures working their way into the bay area. the fog and low clouds a welcome sight along the coastline and just beginning to move inside the bay. may see that fill in throughout the day today. so a stronger sea breeze that will carry cool winds to the interior valleys. out over the bay right now we have partly cloudy skies. temperature 58 degrees in
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concord. already cooler than yesterday at this time. 60 in oakland. 56 degrees in san francisco. and 61 in san jose. this afternoon, the triple digits are long gone today 10 to 20 degrees cooler 80s inland and 68 degrees in san francisco. we'll check the weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. our big traffic news this morning is that bart service is set to resume by this afternoon. so the negotiations are continuing but at this point the strike is over. so -- not for this morning though. later on this afternoon. that's when service is set to resume. so for this morning, you can use muni, caltrain, they are operating on a regular weekday schedule. and ac transit continues to step up their transbay bus service. they have been a huge help during this bart strike, between the east bay and san francisco. coming up, we'll check the bay bridge. back to you guys. let's get deeper into our breaking news this morning. the end of the bart strike as elizabeth mentioned trains set to start running at


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